Sunday, May 4, 2008

great week!

Since it is 11:19 when I am starting this AND I haven't yet opened my school bag . . .I am in trouble tomorrow. Ugh.

But I have to tell you. We have counted Kath up to 9 steps. She is very excited and still claps for herself and smiles a mile wide whenever she takes her steps. She teeters precariously but she does not stop trying. Even on the tile floors, which ouchily seems to be her favorite place to try to walk.

She is using her right hand so much now that it is much, much, more than a helper hand. Not quite to the same strength as her left, but seems to be progressing quite well.

She is playing more on her own, making voices to the Little People she plays with and gives great hugs and kisses.

She uses sign language and grunts to get her point across so well that Alex and I are pretty good at understanding 98 % of what she wants and daddy is right behind us.

Alex has turned into a Big Girl 4. She tells me things like, "I can take care of that. I am 4 now." And a few other goodies I will write about during the week. She is amazing and helpful and so very very smart. We are still talking about the idea of homeschooling.

The girls and I drove to Vermont Sat and visited Chris for Parent Weekend. He played a soccer game and we went out to dinner with his old roomate and his mom. It was a great, albiet, cold day!

Nick ran at States for college Friday. For a freshman he is doing amazing. Not sure how excited he is to come home, so much to do and going on all the time there, but I can't wait to pick him up the 14th.

Roger's two college classes ended Sat. Not a moment too soon. I have reached the stressed-out wall and am glad to have another adult around here. :-)

I am behind in everything. Aggg. One cool thing for me is that I am the "May Goals Keeper" for the Writing Forum I belong to. So I am in touch with people from all over the world about cool stuff like writing. Not just the great support stuff for the hemi-plagia stuff for Kath. A little something for me. Now if I could actually get focused and get past chapter 3 in my story!!!

Gotta run and either sleep or get some school work done--after I switch the wash. Need clean clothes for tomorrow.

PS Pictures are in getting developed, so peek back soon for updated pics!


V. Gaboury said...

My clock seems to be off. So it looks like I wrote back in time . . .pretty cool gig if you can get it!

Madelyn said...

Better leave time for a workout, too. You're gonna be chasing Kath around that yard all summer long - you're gonna wanna catch her before she gets to me - I may not send her home too quickly! ;)

Uncle Johnny said...

9 Steps that is awesome!!

Chris said...

You have a great storytelling voice. This letter-writing style you use establishes a quick understanding of your voice and state of mind. Keep on writing, I like staying informed on stuff other than what Jimmy Carter is doing in Damascus (talking with Hamas if you're interested). The only comments I'd make on the writing would be my typical nit-picky things. Fewer emoticons, fewer exclamation points, fewer redundant letters (Aggg? Couldn't just go with 'Agh', 'Argh' or 'grr'?). But then again, I'm a total snob and others will tell you that those things add to the folksy charm of the writing.

Looking forward to coming home this Sunday. See yas then.

Chris said...

Also, I'm interested in an account of the fallout from the Anti-Day of Silence goings-on up at AP. Are you the only one being targeted? Has there been anything in the paper? Is it just parents?

Or is this not quite the forum for that, as it is linked to your school blog?