Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

So, things have quieted some on the tsumami front. :-) Visited Grandpa and Aunt Eileen on LI Saturday, saw John, Carol and Dad too. Poor grandpa is so bruised he looks like he should be in intense discomfort, he says he is not.

Apparently the young adult world went crazy last weekend because Carol's brother was beaten and kicked in the head. All forms of pre-judging need to stop before our young really do kill one another. At school, the anger against me and my doses of tolerance have subsided. Maybe I made sense afterall? I can only hope and pray.

On the home front. After a day of travel yesterday, today was quiet. The girls, Roger and I spent the day around the house mostly. Alex was so excited--she just kept saying, "Happy Mother's Day everyone!!!" She is so full of life and excitement, she is infectious.

Kath continues to astound and amaze. She is able to get herself everywhere with a combo of the illegal knee-hop, taking steps, holding onto objects and crabbing along, crawling and knee walking. She is quite the happy chickie. Most of the time. She has shown sneak peaks into the terrible twos a few times, but . . .she is usually quick to settle and get back to being adorable. :-)

Back to school work. Picking Nick up from Rochester this week. Yeah! Tomorrow is his birthday too--19!! Amazing!

Well, have a great night!

OH! Listened to a book on tape on the way home last night--Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra. At first I thought, "What on earth is this??" But then I settled in and I really enjoyed it and I think I got a lot out of it. I am going to try to read the book when I get a few spare minutes. Thank you Doris!

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