Friday, May 23, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Hello all.
With the end of the year cascading down on us, as well as the drama of daily life, I have been too busy to write. Sadly that means my writing as well as the blog. It has been great though this month since I have been the 'goal keeper' for the writing group I belong to, so although I have not written any new stuff, I feel I kept my fingers twitching in the writing world anyway. I am dying to check out some new crits on a rework of a chapter I did, but will fulfill my duty with the blog first. :-)

Last Saturday, Alex, Kath and I drove to East Berne, a far, far away land, in search of a horse therapy place that a fellow teacher's neice owns and works. It took us about an hour since I was a little mixed up on the directions. But when we drove down the dirt driveway and I told the girls we were at the 'horse farm' they were more thrilled than when we began the trip. When Kath saw the horses her eyes lit up and she was so brave. While Alex got the shakes, Kath had no fear. She actually went to Liz without a thought (see ya mom!) and she pet the horse and was just so thrilled. Alex did pet the horse's neck and loved them too, but wow! Those heads are pretty darn big! Especially from below!

We are going to begin therapy soon--my schedule and Liz's schedule need to coincide and insurance should pick up the majority of the bill. Alex can attend a sibling class for half price and she is thrilled! We are looking forward to this therapy because Kath loves animals and she seems to be at such a pivitol period of growth and we want to try everything to give her the best opportunities. We ahve heard nothing but great things about hippotherapy.

After that we checked out the Y for swimming and we may purchase a membership to work on the pool activities and our own form of water therapy. Plus it might be good for Rog and I to get some weight training in before I lose all of my muscle.

Sunday we went to Aunt Janine's and Bob's for brunch and we had a great break--more later.

Tuesday Kath met Dr Simon, the othamologist. He did his exam, including dialating her pupils and did not see anything scary. He said he did not believe she had a vision cut (blindness) in her vision, but he couldn't rule it out until she was older and could answer questions. He was quite pleased with what I explained was her progress and he said, 'give her lots of hugs, keep up what you are doing and see you in a year.' We'll see if I stay away that long, but for now I am pleased since she has been using more peripheral viewing, but she still turns her whole head most of the time. But she can see peripherally. Good sign.

Today we visited with Dr. Schottler-Thal and we had a great visit. Kath's weight has increased, as did her head size (but not scary-like). She is still a short thing, but we call it petite. Dr. Schottler-Thal is encouraged and impressed with all of Kath's progress as well. Kath had one shot and will return in Novemeber for her two year check up (yeah, wouldn't it be nice NOT to be up ther before that--but we all know we will be). Daddy was able to be with us for this appointment since his school did not have classes, but I had to leave mine early since mine did. Oh, and we will also be having her hearing checked as per Liz her speech therapists recommendation. Dr Schottler-Thal also found a 'benign heart murmur.' All of the children have had them and each time it has unsettled me dramatically--and Nick saying, "Oh yeah. Did I ever tell you when I went for my physical for track this year, they found I ahd mine back again?" did not help. oy.

On Tuesday we meet up with Dr Foster, the neurologist again. I will be bringing my notebook with my questions and try to figure out what her chances are of another stroke, of seizures, obtaining a developmental ped, and an assorted vairiety of other questions. :-)

I will try to write more tomorrow about the fun things everyone is up to--did I tell you to check out Chris is on the front web page! Nick is on a frisbee team here. Alex is suddenly a little 15 year old--ask Nick. He is flabbergasted. Kath has started to take off her diaper and bop, hop and practically run away laughing. The insanity continues. :-)

Good night-I will edit later too. Sorry about any errors.

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Madelyn said...

Wow! You have been busy! But, it sounds good, real good.

I figure that instead of doing my own writing/blogging, I'll just read yours. Does that count?