About me

Hmm...what can I say? My life is pretty mundane. Haha. Just kidding. I'm a 40-something year old mom of 4. My children are the lights of my life. Two of my children are dealing with brain injuries. Two of my children are above 20. Two of my children are below the age of 10. Two of my children love to read. 4 of my children love to argue.

Seriously. My oldest is a wise man living a life of a 20 something year old trying to find his place in life (while paying college loans). My second son is also trying to decide what to do with his life while also dealing with post concussive syndrome. My 10 year-old is an amazing old soul who loves learning. My 8 year-old is a stroke survivor, with CP, vision issues, speech and cognitive delays, but never underestimate her wild streak to be amazing.

I teach. I write. I bake. I love my pit bull. I love my cat. I love my adopted dog Ana Smudge. I recently stopped drinking so much coffee and I love peppermint tea. I love reading. I love trying to understand life. I love mine.

(Still under construction)