Monday, May 26, 2008

My Child's Hand by Annette Brennan

My child's hand

My child's hand stays tightly closed
to hide a secret this...

The treasure that
she holds so close,
a precious angel's kiss.

She holds on very tightly
so the feeling won't slip away.

Of the goodbye kiss
the angel gave
as she sent her to me that day.

Once in a while
she opens her hand
and takes a peek inside.

At the secret place
the world can't see,
where her precious treasure hides.

And so, I will forgive you,
for you know not what you see,

When you look at my child's
little fisted hand,

That holds a precious secret,
an angel, my child and me.

Annette Brennan

This is a poem one of the mom's from the list serve wrote and it makes me cry each time I read it. Roger and I have talked about how Kath chose us, we believe all children choose their family, and so this is even more special for me/us.


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