Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is it really only Wednesday?

Hello all.
Once again a huge tsunami of stuff. Some of which is not my place to discuss or reveal. What I can say is my grandfather is in the hospital after a fall. He broke his shoulder. My poor aunt has been spending days there and nights worrying. Our cesspool lietchfield (Sp) is in need of replacement. I didn't know one replaced that. Ahh, being a homeowner. I have had a couple of loud parents at my school up in arms about what they percieve as me teaching my 'liberal ideas' to their conservative children. I have gotten unbelievable support at school. I distracted my men from their finals when I told them about the hub-bub and Nick actually began his own blog (email him for the address until I ask him if I can link it here). My dear friend is going through a horrific nightmare. Roger is losing track of his mind (poor guy, I tell him he is the same as before, just noticing it since his head injury). There are a couple of other things which I do not feel at liberty to discuss here.

So, in light of all this craziness . . .Alex has been quite the little light. As she grows she shows her big heart more and more. Incredible patience with a sister who pulls her hair, hits her, rips her projects (all by accident or as she learns). Alex shares her toys and plays with her and cheers her on when she takes her steps.

Kath has continued to make progress with her walking. She tries so hard to get somewhere fast that she often seems to be flinging herself, but what a huge immprovement every day. She continues to use her right hand more and more. I totally credit Sue with the fact that Kath has started to walk and shows such huge strides everyday. Kath is very focused on learning and trying to keep up with her big sister. She has said, "ha" for 'hot'; "kkss" for 'Chris' and today she said "me." Liz has helped Kath so much with making the sounds and connections. Then we are also so lucky to have Robin, our nanny (that makes us sound rich, but 'babysitter'just doesn't do any justice to all that Robin does) because she also works so hard to keep Kath working while still being a normal kid.

Sunday we had Nick's telescope out. Kath somehow moved it and scraped Alex's foot. So we put a wash cloth on her foot and sat her on the couch. Then I got her new Strawberry Shortcake ice pack and put the washcloth aside. Kath signed 'sorry' then walked from the porch sliding doors to the picnic table in the livingroom, around it, picked up the discarded washcloth, continued to walk around the picnic table to where Alex was sitting on the couch. She put the washcloth on her foot, kissed her boo-boo and gave her hug. And said, "ohhhh." Very empathetic. Very sweet. Especially when you consider how difficult the 'walking' is for Kath, how long it all takes and how focused she was on getting to her sister.

Tuesday Alex was practicing ballet moves in the open area of our living room. Kath mimiced by putting her arms up above her head. Then when Alex moved 'off stage' Kath did her knee hop to the area and put her arms above her head again--she was doing ballet.

Well, I have much more to say, but a bit tired. Oh, we had the OT evaluation Tuesday. Kath was actually borderline! She automatically qualifies because of the stroke but she showed up as up to 17 months--which is in normal range (next week she will be 18 months). But we want to work on her being able to use her right hand and being able to cross her right hnd across her body.

Hope all is good and I hope you enjoy the pictures. More of them will be posted, just running on steam.

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