Thursday, May 15, 2008


Today Katharina took her swallow test.

Last night I packed up pasta, yogurt, chicken and crackers to take with us. I worked for half the day, came home and Kath and I took off for Albany Med and Robin took care of Alex. We arrived early at Albany Med so we played and practiced walking. Kath loves her freedom! When we were called in Kath had to sit in a car-seat-like chair. The nurse buckled her in and had already mixed her food with the barium. After making sure the machine was set to take the x-rays, we began to feed Kath the barium-laced items. She ate them. She even had white powder around her mouth (my little slob) but she ate what was given her. I was able to watch the x-ray picture of her chewing and swallowing. That was amazing. The chewing, chewing, chewing and the whosh of the swallow down her throat! Wow.

Anyway. (smile)

The nurse told me that Kath looked fine. She did notice a couple of times when Kath's food began to be misdirected but that she was able to self correct and it went down the right pipe. (I don't know how that works and I don't know how exactly she is able to self correct. That is my word too.)She also said that Kath showed to be chewing diagnolly and rotationally(?) and that was wonderful. She seems to be learning the necessary skills to avoid aspirating even though she does kind of pocket some food (possibly) in her cheek. All in all, she passed with glowing comments and reports will be sent to Dr Foster (neuro); Dr Schottler-Thal (ped); Sue (PT); and Liz (speech) as well one to me.

Whew. Next week is the eye specialist. And possibly Dr Schottler-Thal.

Good night all!

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