Monday, April 28, 2008

Alex turned 4 and Kath took steps!

We had a great weekend!
On Sunday we had Alexandra's 4th birthday. She woke up at 5:30AM and wanted to finish icing her cake. I said--"Ok, give me a few more minutes" and then when I realized the actual time I said, "What are you nuts?! Go back to sleep!" She was so excited she flitted around the house and giggled about "her" day! She was surrounded by loving family and friends both present and those who wanted to but couldn't make it. Chris was able to come home with his girlfriend Abbi and they helped Alex fill the pinata. But Nick wasn't due to distance and finals; she missed him.

We had great food thanks to lots of help (LG,JK,KR,JP,LM). Alexandra made her own birthday cake and decorated it herself (and dealt with me saying "WHAT did you DO?" until I said, "Ok, it's YOUR birthday cake!" :-)). She saw the bakery people make flowers at Hannaford so she made her own lovely flowers and THEN she piled . . .I mean sprinkled . . .sprinkles in two areas of the cake. :) She loved all of her cards--those mailed and given in person (she truly loves cards--she rereads them and plays with them and we save them all as I did when the boys were little) and she loved her gifts ("Just what I always wanted!"). The pinata was a highlight. We made ALL the kids play--up to Abbi who is the oldest--ahem, I won't tell you how old, but she had to be spun around many, many, many times -one for each year, ok so she pleaded sinus issues and we only did half--but it would have been a lot!) :-)

That morning Kath decided to take 5 steps on the kitchen floor. That night as I told her to take the balloon out of her mouth I realized she was WALKING 4 steps while I was saying it. She took a few little jaunts when Sue (PT) was here today--so now we have more witnesses! When I hold her hand to 'walk' her she is more solid on her feet. She is very proud of herself. She is jabbering more too, so it is a lot of fun. She has also located her bellybutton which is entertaining since it disappears on her when she bends down to look at it. :-) (The last few nights she has woken up crying out-but after a few minutes she settles back down herself--maybe cramping from all the walking.)

Lucy turns 16 Wed and Bucca turns 2. (They are our pups.)

Have to get back to school work. Hope everyone is well. Roger finishes his St Rose class Sat.

Oh -here is a list of Kath's appointments for the month:
Mondays and Weds Kath has PT, (physical therapy), except for the 12th, 14th and 26th
Tuesdays and Thursdays she has speech therapy
May 6th--OT evaluation
May 15th, videoesophagram at Albany Med to see if she is aspirating her food
May 20th, Pediatric Eye Doctor, to see how much her field of vision has been cut and if there are any other issues
May 23, Dr Schollter-Thal, regular ped doctor probably shots, ugh
May 29th, Dr Forester, neurosurgeon, follow-up and probably to set up a developmental ped dr.

May 12th is Nick's b-day (19!!!)and he will be coming home at some point (he is leaving me in suspense :-) as to when I can go get him.

Don't forget May is stroke awareness month.
And check ou my friend Madi's blog--The Semi-Grand Experiment linked to my page. It's a great read!


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