Tuesday, April 15, 2008

May is Stroke Awareness Month

Since the girls and I have been sick I don't really have too much to say-ha! Let's see how far that gets us! But I did want to start off by talking about this web site (http://www.cafepress.com/kidshavestrokes) because it helps bring awareness and maybe actually awareness will bring funding for such an expansive field of study.

Before Katharina's diagnosis, I never knew that a baby could have a stroke BEFORE they were even born or that an otherwise healthy child could have a stroke, without or without a known head injury.

I continue to rassle (strange word I am using as a real one) with the whole concept that my baby had a stroke and it caused a myriad of issues for her, some of which are like walking through a mine field, never knowing which step will be a bad one. That is not really true. A mistep will not bring about more problems, but if FEELS like it. Right now. Though as I read more moms on the list-serve I see that it will get better--'it' being my response towards what happened.

So, I encourage you dear family and friends to be aware and informed and of course supportive to any cause which brings about more awareness to strokes, especially children. (I am biased.)

Onto lighter matters-interspersed with the sick matters. Kath has been doing really great with her Coxsackie Virus. I still see some white sores/ulcers in her throat but she is back to drinking her bottle so I am relieved. Her mood is still a bit iffy at times, especially when she is tired, but she is energetic and moving.

Ahem. About that moving stuff. For a coupe of days after Sue (PT) told us to limit her bouncing, we were able to coax Kath to crawl and use her hands. She smiled that big smile and crawled away, happy that she understood and did a corret action, I suppose.

Yeah. That lasted a couple of days. Then she got sick and poof. NOW when we say it, she bounces faster and GRUNTS at us in frustration, as if to say, "THIS is so much faster, WHY would I want to use my darn hands??? Have YOU tried it, mom? It's a pain in the butt and then when I eat stuff off the floor it tastes dirty. THIS WAY I keep my hands clean!" Bounce, bounce, bounce.

When I asked her, "Do you want time out?" today, do you know what she did??? She waggled her pointer finger at my face!?

We are in big trouble with this one. Quite the 'tude.

As for Alex, Coxsackie caught up with her. I hope her aunts Janine and Karen don't get sick from taking her out to see 'Horton Hears a Who'. She ran a 104 fever which made me call the doctor's immediately and Rog took her. She puked in the car on the way there (MY CAR). But they didn't see any redness in her throat and just said, "Oh let us know if she gets around 104." Just did. But anyway now the spots are showing, she is tired then up creating art masterpieces, then cuddling, then up reading a book or wanting to play in the sandbox. She is sleeping with me on the couch tonight so she can stay warm by the fire. One of us should sleep pretty good.

I had what felt like pnemonia and a sinus infection. I couldn't breathe and I thought, "Great! Vacation! I need to get things back on board and now this!?" Since all this has been going on I have not cleaned. Well. I have cleaned, but not well. I have done bits of everything, but not well. So for me this break was all about catching up. I went to the doctor's immediately and he said he wouldn't want to give me antibiotics because IF I had some kind of reaction (what me? something go wrong from something other people take every day? pshaw!) then I would be out of service for longer. He suggested a nasal rinse. Yuck. Well, it worked. My face is no longer swollen and I am able to breath and move around without wheezing and feeling like I should be in the hospital. Before my appointment I felt SOOO bad I thought, "Wow, he could send me to the hospital!" not without a little hope. Hey, when a woman needs a break, watch out! She gets desparate. Anyway, I feel much better, though a bit coughy and congested. At least I feel like I will make it. I had a short time period of the sore throat and I do not envy those girls. I told Alex she can have as many freezy pops as she would like, I think I may need to pick up more tomorrow. :-)

Today Alex was telling me a story and she said, "She sucks." Well, that's what I thought she said. What she really said was "She's stuck." She was also counting, "One pickle, two pickles, three pickles, four pickles, five pickles. Mommy, I have 5 pickles!!" I made the appropriate wow-that's-great comments and tried not to laugh. Later I told Chris in an email that she counted her freckles as pickles and since it was so cute, I didn't correct her. What a horrible mom. He replied (rather quickly now that I think about it)that yes, I was evil, but not to correct her until he got to hear it.

Anyway. I am off. Goodnite. Sorry it wasn't short like I promised. :-)

Keep reading below for the housekeeping tips. No! Not real housekeeping--stuff with the blog! geez. I have enough cleaning, I have no tips, other than make enough money to hire someone to do it for you! ah, someday . . . .

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