Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Two days in a row!

Hello all. Ok, Maybe there's two of you. :-) If you are new to blog reading--scroll to the bottom and then roll up. Or not. You may always go backwards in time, like Merlyn. :-)

After I wrote that part about Kath trying to throw herself off the picnic table?? Less than an hour later, she did JUST that and almost put her two front teeth through her bottom lip. Ah, the blood. Ah, the screaming. Ah, frustration. IF she could only make that hand go up to break her fall! I get the feeling that this chickie will have lots of boo-boos because she is so excited to be moving and groving that she is not able to think or be aware at the same time that she can fall. She has to concentrate so much on the action, she can't think of the consequences.

Today with PT, Sue mentioned that she thinks Kath is having issues with tracking and focusing on both sides, both eyes. She is unsure if it is a motor skill (eye muscle) or a visual impairment. So I will be calling to make an appointment.

I have been researching other therapies and have contacted someone in Rochester who put me in contact with someone in Toronto, Ontario about Felderkrais Therapy for Children. I have to keep reading too. I have been researching also hydrotherapy and I think Kath is too young right now for horse therapy. Last week we decided to have Kath evaluated for OT. This week, Liz, Kath's Speech Therapist told us a second time slot opened up, so we are gobbling that up. Kath has been learning a lot of signing, as we have too. The better her coordination, she better we can understand her. She is still not talking but she makes a lot of 'words' with the da-da sound. I am also planning on meeting with a friend about 'healing touch.'

At home we keep trying to engage her right hand as much as possible--for example, I let her finger paint, play with play do and of course color. We try to let her explore textures as much as possible.

Alex has started to 'read.' She rereads books to us after we read them. For example "The Ipsy, Dipsy Spider" may be one you have heard of? She is adorable. She loves to perform-dance, act, play instruments or sing. Or all of the above. She also likes to tell stories about her imaginary friend Nia and how she does all this bad stuff. She also loves to paint and draw. We have her art work in all rooms, taped to all surfaces. Ah, yes and she has begun to tell jokes. Knock, knocks are a favorite. She is quite inventive with who actually does the knocking! She is quite the chickie.

I miss the boys terribly, especially lately. I know they are doing well though so that helps.

Roger is sleepy and tired. Taking on too much.

I just wanted to write tonight, so here it is, with all its lumps and warts. More to follow--the writing, hopefully not the lumps and warts!

Good night!

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Madelyn said...

Good for you, V, for finding the time to post two days in a row in the whirlwind - and finding time to research therapies, too! I love the photos and can't wait to tell knock-knock jokes with Alex.