Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My bcakwards girl

So Alex is 4. Yup. She enjoys dressing herself. Usually it is not a big deal since we have no social life. However, every now and then . . . .For example, when we went pumpkin picking she came down the stairs fully dressed -- in layers. She knew she needed layers so that as she became hot, she could peel off her clothes.

What she was confused about was the order of the clothes.

She put her fur-lined leopard print velvet-y shirt on first, which meant it was under everything else. Then a mushroom decorated long sleeve shirt. Then her flowered pink shirt. Then on top of it all was her tank-top t-shirt. Her arms were out a little from her body and she looked a bit like a puffer fish would look if a puffer fish wore layers of clothes for pumpkin picking.

Tomorrow is Alex's CSE meeting up at school and then my meeting with Kath's teacher for the visually impaired. Today we had speech and PT. Discussed was the idea of having Kath attend a preschool program since she is such a social learner, but I still want my baby to be my baby and be home with me. I am selfish, I know. I feel as though I could do the best with her, but I do want her to socialize. I am not ready for her to be away from me for too long, I ache when I have to go to school, any more and I would go crazy.

I also had to bring my car in the shop and it needed a new water pump-other than the time lost driving back and forth-they did give me a borrowed car--it was still under warranty. Whew. Tomorrow I drive down to JFK and pick up Chris from his Scotland trip.

More later.

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