Thursday, October 9, 2008

When an almost 2 year-old is quiet . . .it's too late.

So . . .I was working on the computer yesterday when I suddenly realized that Kath was quiet. Uh-oh. Too quiet. I ran into the dining room and there she was. A vision of blue. She had opened the blue finger paint top (her Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist would be proud), found a paint brush and then proceeded to paint the chair cushion (I think she was just trying to move it--with the paint brush, it was on the floor), the potty seat, the chair as well as herself. She was so proud of herself. After I saw her face when I began to reprimand her, I stopped, congratulated her and then cleaned her up so we could get our errands done.

However, I got distracted again. She handled me a bag of marshmellows. So, I opened it and handed her and Alex one. Thanked her for bringing it TO me and then turned around. A few minutes later I realized the whole bag was gone--without the tie, still opened. I didn't have far to look. Kath was sitting around the corner, on the floor, working on hand/eye coordination (ha!!) taking marshmellows out of the bag and licking them. One at a time.

Ah. What a pip.

So, the pumpkin farm was nice. It was terribly expensive though considering I was only there for about 2 hours and the free pumpkin was a really small one. The place is beautiful, it had farm animals and a huge wheel we were able to pretend we were hamsters and roll down a big stretch of farm on. But as I said very expensive--8 dollars for the each of us. Ahh.

I am almost considering starting my own homeschooling group but I don't know anyone who does it. But the group I met showed me how difficult it will be to find people I can fit with. I am so awkward! :-)

Alex is feeling better. She had a second bout with the cold but seems to be healing. The boys are great. Chris turned 21 on Saturday. We drove up and took him, Nick (who came home for the weekend and was at Bennington Friday night), Chris' friend Sean and the girls out to celebrate his day. We then bought a cake, pretended there were candles (his dorm doesn't allow real ones), and sang to him. Can't believe he is 21. Wow. This is harder for me to handle than me turning 40 was. I drove Nick back up to Rochester on Monday. He and I spent Sunday shopping for a new cell phone and sneakers. It was good to have some reconnect time. I miss them both.

I have off today, tomorrow and Monday. Roger had off today, goes to school tomorrow and has off on Monday. So glad. I am so tired again. I actually took a 3 hour nap. Eish. (One night last weekend I slept for 12 hours.) I did get my hair done. Haven't done that since before summer! Feels great! Tonight the girls and I decorated for Halloween. That was hilarious since most of the stuff freaked them both out at first, but then Kath was carrying around, in the crook of her right arm, the Skeleton Man, as if he were her baby doll. Although Alex helped me hang up a spider web she still took wide steps around an oversized spider on the floor.

Katharina is trying to mimic words--she is repeating many, many things. Alex said '13', Kath said '13.' Other words too but if you are not right there to hear it said previously, you wouldn't catch it. But the fact that she is trying to repeat is so amazing! She usually will copy if you ask her, now she is doing it on her own.

Haven't gotten back into writing, but I am hoping tonight. I am working on writing up and sending pictures in for a book a woman on the listerserve is making about kids who had strokes to help new parents get through. I have three book reviews to write for the Canadian Library/Teachers publication and then grading and such.

Hope everyone is great. It is so wonderful to see someone else reads this, though now am nervous about my editing. . . .:-)

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