Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nothing clever comes to mind--as a title

Everyone is doing well. We are busily back to school, therapies and living. Chris turns 21 this Saturday. How on earth did that happen? Somehow turning 40 didn't mess with my head-maybe too much worrying with Kath??--but NOW having a 21 year-old!! Give me a chair, I need to sit. Nick is coming home this weekend (yeah!!!) and we are heading out to Benny to watch Chris'soccer game and take him out to dinner.

Alex is slowly getting over her cold and Kath is being amazing. I am homeschooling Alex, but it doesn't really feel like it--most of what we do is fun and sprinkled with some 'book work.' Guess that is why I wanted her homeschooled (one reason) we get to play and learn! We are meeting up with a homeschool group at a local farm tomorrow. Kath is uber-aware and into everything. She gets forks for dinner and we have ALL the forks on the table. She 'reads' books. She hops on one foot---then the other! She sings. She runs everwhere. She is amazing--they ALL are.

Roger is doing well, trying to fight off The Cold and stay focused on his teaching.He still amazes me with his strength --to be able to work a second job--every day. Now if Congress passed a package that would give the taxpayers 700 Billion Dollars!!! He could write. I could concentrate and write. Ugh. sigh.

I am having a wonderful year although they cut the funding to the literary magazine I advise. I wasn't going to tell my students, but I did today. I am still going to advise it. I have 14 kids interested this year . . .how can I not??

As I visited and made goals for this month on my writers'forum, I realized AGAIN how I have allowed myself to get distracted. Don't get me wrong--I know I have good reason, but . . .there is more than one fellow writer, who is now published, who when I first joined the forum, they were plodding through like I was. Now they are published. I am still struggling through my story. sigh.

I did just a great two weeks of reading, which is a good sign (for me) that my brain is on the upswing (what a picture THAT is!). I read three of the Twilight series books by Stephenie Meyers in the last week and a half. At the same time as progress reports were due and well, everything else. It has been so great to be able to slide into the storyworld and escape for a little bit.

Off to go do something--read? grade? write?


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