Saturday, October 11, 2008

"I kissed a girl"

Yup. Got my attention too when my 4 year-old began singing it tonight at dinner, incredibly clearly for a girl who is being considered for speech therapy. I laughed so much, I turned red and she then told me I shouldn't laugh or make her laugh while she was eating. She could choke, ya know. I asked her where she heard that song. On your radio mom. I do have to confess I really like that song, it is sung by Katy Perry. It is a great moving song. I just didn't think it showed. I must have turned it up or sang it myself. :-D Roger just got up and poured himself some more Mountain Dew and tried to keep a straight face as I was bent in half, snorting my food through my nose. Just wasn't what I expected my 4 year-old to be singing at the table. Would have LOVED for the boys to be home. Actually it would have been much more enjoyable--in a mean way--to have a homophobic person hearing it. It was just so fun.

Alex did struggle today at yoga/riding lessons, though. As you know, we have hippotherapy on Saturdays. Yoga is a yoga/healing touch class for Katharina that Alex attends. Mostly because there is no where else for her to go, but she thinks it is her class too and has a blast with Britta. But during the session she tried to tell us something and I could not understand it no matter how many times she repeated it. (I often have to 'interpret' for her since her bigger ideas and vocab get tangled up between her brain and her tongue.) I felt so bad and finally she just broke down crying and curled up in my arms. She was so frustrated. I never did figure it out. We have our CSE meeting next week. Other than that, if you could have seen her eyes so lit up while dancing and riding, she had a great day!

Kath did fantastic too. She has been trying to talk more and more and mimicing what we say. She is growing in leaps and bounds cognitively too. She is amazing. Simply amazing.

Got to see Chris for about 15 minutes today. We began our day by going to dance class, then driving the hour to yoga/healing touch/hippotherapy/lessons. Then we drove two hours to Bennington. We dropped off Chris' passport, new license and a birthday card. We got there just when he had to leave for a film screening for one of his classes. So, the girls and I started to drive back home and ended up in Walmart getting costumes for Halloween. Kath wanted absolutly NOTHING (she kept hitting it away) with the cute witch's costume I chose for her. I thought she would be easy. ha. She ended up agreeing with Tinker Bell. It is a little difficult to shop with someone who doesn't talk and obviously has no idea why on earth we are buying costumes anyway. Alexandra has known since the day she was born that she wanted to be a princess. So she is Cinderella. Then we drove the hour ride back home. Both girls also got slippers and nice warm pjs. We will begin the fireplace tomorrow (I stained the wood behind the fireplace so it is drying still--two years ago it must not have had enough time to dry and it kinda melted in drips, but now it looks great, if I don't say so myself!) and the bedrooms get a little chilly, especially Kath's since we close her bedroom door. With Roger up and about at 1:30AM, we don't want HER up and about at 1:30AM too.

Both girls tried on their costumes while I finished making dinner. So cute to see Kath dressed up , fluttering around with fairy wings and Alex being the Queen Cinderella (or maybe even the evil step-mother Queen)telling Kath what to do. :-) Ah, it's only the beginning . . .

Tomorrow we will be heading out to apple pick and pumpkin pick. I'll take pics!


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