Monday, September 7, 2009

A Summer Wrap-up

I'm sorry I was not more diligent about writing here this summer. I actually didn't write much anywhere else either. I have been funking over my list and how I didn't accomplish the many, many items on my Summer-To-Do-List.

I didn't finish painting. I didn't organize the book room and bill piles. I didn't write. Well, you get the idea.

But I have to pull on the reins and consider all that I have done. I went out to brunch with Donna quite a few Sunday's. Love the Cheesecake Factory and their yummy omelets. We considered that cheaper than what we would have paid in copays for mental therapy. We were able provide therapy and support to one another. Thank you, Donna. Please continue prayers for Hope and her family as she continues to battle PLE.

I marked, by looking through pictures and quietly reflecting, the year since Grandpa Steiger died. I still miss him. I guess that is as it should be. People who make a mark on your life should always have a place. But I endeavor to live my life in a way that would make him proud and not simply wallow in my loss.

We had play dates. We went to the Bronx Zoo with the Sousi family. We traveled to visit family in MA several times (something we haven't been able to do since our head was turned around and upside down-just was one more thing,can't really explain that to anyone who doesn't understand. Visited and celebrated with Janine and Bob, twice. Went to the free Regal Family Festival Movies. Went to the Clark Art Museum Family Fun Day with the girls and Roger and saw and made some great the rain. Then met up with Chris and Abbi for ice cream afterward. Stayed with my aunt while she had surgery to remove nodules on her lung..that fortunately was benign. Had a little graduation ceremony for Chris. Had a great result on a mammogram. Kath had fantastic doctor visits. Made the very difficult decision to put Kath in a regular ed nursery school two days a week, as opposed to placing her in a special ed pre-k. Chris and I started to coach Alex's soccer team. A few hikes at Dyken Pond and one in the Catskills. A Hindu and Jewish wedding (same couple married under both faiths). Many visits to the 'beach' (ie Snyder's Lake and Grafton State Park). Restarted hippotherapy. I read more books this summer than I have the past 2 years. Chris and I saw about 5 movies (not Disney!).

Yes, we have had many unexpected things-car repairs, Nick was diagnosed with Lyme's again, a major scare as to whether or not we could send Nick back to school due to financial issues, a past student of mine passed away, and Roger's mom's husband passed away too, but when I look at all we DID do and all the good that did surround us, I am quite frankly impressed.

So, now that I restart school tomorrow, I don't have to feel as though I messed up my summer. We did A LOT. Even if I didn't write my novel. Even if I didn't finish my painting and organizing projects. It was a good summer.

This week's schedule is:
Today~ whatever to get us ready--wash, last minute supplies for the week and for Alex's school.

Tuesday-Roger classes and I have a superintendent day. Kath has PT and Speech. 5PM is Alex's little orientation and meeting the teacher.

Wednesday-first day of classes for Averill Park. Alex is planning on taking the bus. Mom will try not to follow the bus. 6PM Alex's soccer practice. Kath has OT.

Thursday- My first day of class. Kath has PT and speech. 7PM Kath's orientation for her school.

Friday-Kath's orientation at 9:30. A friend of ours has a book signing that night!!

Saturday- Alex restarts ballet. (Kath starts the following Sat-both are at different places--of course!)

Sunday-Alex's first soccer game 12:30.

Monday three of us go to school. Kath has special ed, OT and hippotherapy.

Tuesday -Kath starts school. Kath has speech and PT.

And so it continues. :-)

Life is good.

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