Monday, September 7, 2009

Just a reminder

Sometimes I update or edit a post, I made corrections if I forgot something. The updated version is on the actual blog, not sure if you get the corrected version, so feel free to check the actual blog and see the pictures of the kids on it, too!

Couple of quickies:

One of Kath's front teeth is turning grey. She chipped both front teeth when she was around 19 months or so...who knows if she rehit it since then. Calling doctor tomorrow.

When Kath gets bit by a bug she says, "A buggy EAT me!"

When Bucca (our dog) licks her, she says, "Babo EAT me."

Kath is now able to climb to the landing of their swingset that Roger built. Imagine climbing a height twice/three times taller than you with real strength only in one hand/arm. Imagine you are climbing on slippery PVC piping. She is amazing.

Tonight we were working on pointing with her right hand. She can easily do it with her left hand's pointer finger, but she usually points with her right thumb when asked. Tonight she held her right hand with her left hand and pulled her pointer finger up and out of her tight fist with her left hand...and the pulled her right arm to the book to point out the objects. And this process, though it took a relatively long time...she stuck with it. Repeatedly. And clapped for herself when she did it.

All Kath stories for the night..but you know my other kids are amazing too.

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