Saturday, September 26, 2009

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So we have made a very wonderful transition into the chaos that is school and outside activities and therapies and doctor appointments ...oh and work.

Alex absolutely LOVES school. She loves her teacher. She loves learning. She loves the playground. She loves everything. Although her class doesn't always behave--she tells me each day kids had to 'turn their card over'--the warning system for behavior modification--she loves it.

If the whole class is good, they will get a letter. If they spell Popcorn (or Popcorn Party) they will have a party. Guess what letter they are up to? That's right. Three weeks into kindergarten and they haven't even gotten the first P. Poor teacher! One day Alex said the boys got in trouble because they were playing swords with yard sticks. Ironically my 10th graders had done the SAME exact thing that very day! Guess boys never outgrown that! Haha.

She plays school, sings the songs and teaches Kath all the fun parts. Kath will actually sit and be schooled by Alex. Quite funny. Especially when Kath breaks out and runs around laughing, running away from her teacher!

Alex recounts the whole day from the second she gets off the bus, the walk home and then throughout the evening too. She gets off the bus around 4 ish. So we don't have too much time with her before bed. I am so glad that I am home every other day so that I can at least have a bit more time in the morning some days too and not be distracted by my preparations for school.

Kath has made remarkable progress in her school transition too. She listens to the teacher, plays well with the other kids, follows directions and has fun. I haven't been up with her during her school since last week because my school days have coincided with her school days, so Robin has stayed with her. This coming week I won't be there either, sadly. But she has been more focused and listening better than some of the other 'regular ed' kids!

This Wednesday I brought Kath up to the pediatric dentist. I took her to a dentist who was 45 minutes away and this doctor was worth the drive. She definitely had a way with Kath. Kath opened her mouth, let Dr Kim look with a mirror and even count her teeth! So the gray tooth is bruised. At this point we have to just sit and wait and watch. It will either heal and be okay. Fall out. Or get infected and need to be taken out. But she doesn't suggest root canal or any other invasive techniques. So, we wait. And I try healing touch and positive intentions.

Wednesday night was Alex's first Open House. It was for me to go up and be on the other side of that~! :-) Met up with not only her teacher, but her art teacher, gym teacher and her speech therapist. All wonderful people. She's in a great school.

This Thursday, while at school, I got a call from Alex's nurse. She was at the health office not feeling well. Actually Alex's teacher sent her down because she didn't look right. The previous night she had climbed into bed with me with a fever. I gave her some Tylenol and she was her usual perky self, so I sent her to school. I kept her home on Friday so she could rest. But by 9:30 I remembered that it was picture day. So I emailed her teacher, called the school and found out I could bring her up. We ran up to school and had her pictures taken. Then we went to the doctor where we couldn't see our usual doctor and where Kath screamed--yes SCREAMED--the whole time. She was a mess. In her defense she had fallen asleep and woke up without warning/transition time. I took Kath to get checked because her nose has been running all week but it changed to green (sorry to gross you out) that morning. Both girls were diagnosed with upper respiratory infections. They both aren't contagious...supposedly...but are drippy, coughing, tired people. Poor girls.

Of course, we have a jam packed weekend. Dance class. Birthday party. I am chaperoning the homecoming dance tonight. Tomorrow is a soccer game. Then Lori's son's birthday party in MA. Monday so far is just an oil delivery and hippotherapy.

I'm already backing out of things and hoping for rain/cancellation for Sunday's game so they can rest up. Chris is away this weekend, so it would be great if he didn't miss the game, too.

Not very creative in the telling but there it is. I left out all the things Roger and I had around all this...and our illnesses. ;-)

Have a great week.

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Abbi said...

if you can get Kath to take arnica(a homeopathic remedy good for bruising) it might help her tooth. I have some that I can bring over next Sunday or you might be able to find it at the co-op.....