Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kath's first day of nursery school...

How exciting! Tuesday was fantastic.

Many of my fears were assuaged. Hopefully it will continue tomorrow.

Kath had a great time playing with the toys at the school after hanging up her jacket and backpack. She was followed and hugged...continuously by a boy who took a liking to her. Every time I turned my back, he was hugging her. Kath handled it ok, told him no and didn't hit him. Not too sure how patient she will be if he continues tomorrow though....But this same boy later took a little doll from her. She looked at me, (I didn't do anything-I wanted to see what she would do), she looked at him, walked over, stood in front of him, took the doll back and gave him quite the Kath stare as she walked away and either said No or Mine. He didn't bother her again. :-)

I was worried about how she would handle the transitions. When she was told she needed to work on the shape/bus glue project I thought she would say no, freak out, whatever. Instead she put the dolls away that she was playing with and she went and sat next to the teacher and matched up shapes and glued. As if she always handled transitions so well. Ha.

She played with play do, painted a big yellow picture, sat on her mat (has her name and picture) during circle time, had a job (feather tickler-she touched her friends with the feather and that meant it was their turn to get up and sit at the table to get snack). She played outside and overall was excited by school. The Gogurt was tough for her. The snack was yogurt in a squeeze tube. That is hard for her to maneuver. She struggles to hold it, squeeze and push it up. But she managed at least a bit.

When it was over (2 1/2 hours long) the parents started to come. She craned her neck to see and I told her that no one else was coming for her, since I was there already. She looked at me and said, "Hold me mama." Then and only then did she allow herself to lay on my shoulder. She slept through Physical Therapy.

That little girl worked so hard and had such a great first experience. Tomorrow we will have day two--hopefully it will be just as good.

Oh--almost forgot--too tired to go back and rework all this--sorry folks. During library time she sat on the rug...not on me. Even after she chose her book, she went and sat on the rug. She sat with her friend, looked through her book and enjoyed her little bit of freedom.

Today, Alex, Chris and I had soccer practice--it was so much fun--Sunday was our first game and we did so great. The kids are having fun and each kid scored at leat once--Alex scored twice. It felt bad after awhile.

My Open House is tomorrow. Have to get some school work done.

Hope all is good.

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