Monday, January 5, 2009

Some Christmas Expressions

Couple of really funny stories about the kids.

~ After a few presents were opened, when asked if she wanted to open another present, Kath vehemently shook her said and said, NO!

~ Alex asked for a Baby Alive. She even asked one of Kath's therapists for it! She wanted this doll so much. It drinks a bottle, pees, poops, talks, blinks its eyes. She asked for this for weeks before Christmas. All Christmas and a few days afterward she loved this doll, hugged it when it asked. Ran for the potty when it said it needed to pee. Ran for food and water whenever it asked. Changed the baby, cleaned it. Took care of it. Slept with it next to her bed (not in her bed--she didn't want to get her bed wet). Then, mysteriously, I notice she allowed Kath to hold and carry the baby. She hardly LOOKED at the doll. I asked her what was wrong. "She always wants to eat. She always poops and pees. She's too much work. Katharina's taking care of her." She truly has stopped saying she wants to have kids. She did ask if all people HAD to have babies when they get older. :-D
We assured her that is not the case. She is relieved.

Hope you all are doing well!

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