Monday, January 5, 2009

More cool stuff

So since you get to hear me moaning--I want to share the laughs and cool stuff too.

Today Kath wanted to play a game with Alex and I. Zingo--like Bingo but with pictures. When pictures show up on this slidey thing you have to shout out the name of the picture if your Zingo card has it on it, then take the tile and put it on the correct picture of your card. Hope I didn't confuse you with my wonderful description.

So, Kath began to say the names of the objects she had on her card and then she took the tiles and placed them over the correct pictures on her card. Mind you, since she needed some help, Alex and I often had to nudge her along. "Say, dog, Kath. Say it out loud."

Kath beat us both. She filled her whole card with the correct tiles and said 'Zingo.'

She was quite pleased with herself.

As for Alex--because Kath needed extra time to say the words, she waited. She went from winning the game to coming in third. She helped Kath win. Then she and I played for second. When she finally filled her card she clapped and said, 'We all won!'

What a cool afternoon--thanks cousin Jen for that game!

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