Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

Amazing day. So much history. So much future.

I am awed by today's events. I am awed by the sheer numbers of people who stood outside freezing to have a piece of today etched into their memory, live and freezing. (Although I would like to tell some that 27 degrees is pretty much a heat wave up here these days!) My best wishes and hopes are for today's hopes and optimism to continue and to lead us to more hope, peace and prosperity.

On the home front. Katharina is exploding with development. She attempts all words--her "Obama" is recognizable to Roger and I, but sounds like "baba" to anyone else. Who's the president, Kath? "Baba!" Well, that could actually have nothing to do with the political world but more of what is important to her in her world--her bottle! :-) But I think she knows so much more than she can speak.

I say that with much more certainty than I did even a month ago. She still does some whining and some other aggravating sounds, but she also will take my hand and drag me to the cabinet and point and say "cocoa" until I understand that she wants Ovaltine AND I better be putting it into the microwave to warm it up!

She is also RUNNING. Really fast. Much more balanced. Yes, she still crashes into objects--toys SHE threw around the room--walls--Bucca--her sister--the couch, etc, but it is much less than she used to. She has been running from the laundry room straight through to the living room and back again. She does this while SHRIEKING loudly. VERY loudly. And laughing. And chasing Alex.

She is also learning how to kid around. I snuggled up into Alex's bed one morning-while Kath was still in her crib and Alex was in the rocking chair. I said,
"Oh, my bed is comfortable."

Alex exclaimed, "No! That's my bed!"

I said, "No, it's mine. Right Kath?"

Kath looked at each of us and said, "Als." But I kept it up, teasing Alex. After about 4 times, Kath got this glint in her eye, jumped up in her bed as if she couldn't hold in her excitement--she figured out it was a joke! She said, "MOMMA!" the next time I asked who's bed it was. Then Alex was beside herself with laughter! Kath was so proud of herself. And we laughed.

We are blessed. Kath is progressing impressively.

For the rest of us. Roger went for an EKG Monday because of chest pains. He apparently had been having them all weekend but since our doctor wasn't open, he didn't want to say anything. Luckily, he was only diagnosed with bronchitis. (I would have killed him if he had a heart attack!)Then Monday night the girls ended up having sick bellies, which luckily went away as did mine. Roger ended up staying home today because he had belly issues on top of his bronchitis. But he is better, he even cooked dinner.

We are having an issue with Roger's car, and grades are due next week so we are at our stressful time, but life is good. Kath is progressing. We have a new president. There is more light in our days. A pilot safely landed a plane with 155 people into the Hudson River. The boys are studying at good schools. Life is good.

PS--Check out a new web site I added to my sites www.foodiesvision.com. A high school friend of mine has begun this-and boy do these recipes sound very yummy.

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