Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Breaking the Code

I may have tapped this vein a little, but I don't think I really did much in explaining--or maybe I just dreamt it. ;-D

Kath will say seemingly disconnected things, but we have figured out her connection--her brain line of thought, I suppose. We broke her code.

If you say to her--"Kath, is your ba-ba (bottle) good?" She will say "Dadda" or "Mamma." That doesn't really seem to be part of any conversation until . . .you realize she is telling you WHO gave her the yummy ba-ba. If you tell her she has a pretty outfit or cool socks, she will again say one of our names and what she is telling you is who is responsible for dressing her.

Also last night I told Alex (Kath was already by the stairs) to give everyone a kiss goodnight. She came back to this dining room and went from Chris to Abbi giving out her kisses. She didn't see that Nick came into the living room until he said something but then she went and gave him his hug and kiss. So, even though she wasn't told specifically to do something, she figured it out and did it on her own.

Yea Kath!

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