Friday, June 27, 2008

6 Month Eval, Great Strides, End of School Year, more Hippostuff, another tick and two chipped teeth

Ah-- another boring week!

I wish.

I will start with the eval. Great. We made great goals for the next 6 months that if Kath continues the path she is on, she should have no problem reaching them. One was getting better balance--that should help the chipped teeth. I will get to that. She is like a different child from 6 months ago. Quite the change, quite the work.

Our team of therapists continue to give us great ideas to work with and on, we would be lost without them. Welcome to Laurie, our newest member who does the OT.

School ended. Technically it ended Thursday--but I still had grades to turn in today and I need to go back and clean my room. Roger had graduation today but he goes back Monday for conclave--one of his very own brain childs to reflect on the year. (I think brain childs is a new word or phrase I created it!)I am so glad that we are 'off' now. I think I just made it. My stress seemed to be starting to overtake me. I was having problems with sleeping-but it became ridiculous this week. I had canker sores. I had headaches. I had chest pains. I am so incredibly tired--but as I said--sleeping is impossible. Hopefully that will change.

I am looking forward to trying to regain control of my stress eating (she says AFTER eating the chocolate!), exercising and of course writing. And reading. Our reading contest continues--more at another time . . . .

The girls had horse stuff today. Alex got to brush and feed her horse and another horse too, in addition to riding. She learned how to 'steer' and Christine said it won't be long before she can ride on her own ( I am hoping 'long' is a ways off . . .;-))

Kath was tired today. I worked this AM and then we ran chores so I thought she would nap in the car but she didn't really so today she slouched a lot and had to work real hard. Liz (Horsey Liz)said that Kath was great because she wouldn't give up. That was great to hear since that is something she does need to improve on for regular, old, on the ground therapies. I watched as she slouched and fought like heck to put rings on the cone--if that were here at home, she would have gotten up and walked away! She didn't give up though. She gets so excited when she sees the horses-- it so fun to watch and Alex has a smile from ear to ear for the whole session.

Kath had another tick on her. Ugh. I was a coward at first and called Roger (he was chaperoning his graduation), Maddy and almost Nick. I also almost just took her to the doctor. I am so afraid of it breaking off inside her, but after that happened the last time when Roger did it, I finally screwed up my courage and took care of it. I doused it in alcohol and then plucked it off. Her skin was red before I got it off but now it is a little red dot. Whew. She needs to wear a necklace of repellant.

Ah--today she fell on the tiled front foyer before Robin left us for the summer. Since Kath just buried her head in my shoulder, I thought she was okay and just shaken up. Especially since there wasn't any blood. On our way to hippotherapy I turned in the car (I was stopped waiting for bagels) and saw her lip was swollen and cut underneath. Then tonight when she took her bath to wash off her own whipped topping bath . . .I saw she chipped her two front teeth. Ugh. Just a little, but I hope they don't bruise. I hope she didn't damage any nerves. It is not like I can stop this whirlwind of activity from moving and trying new things, but she is just so clutsy and unbalanced that she does damage to herself. Scares me. Balance. Need to work on balance.

I will work on my storytelling--after I get some rest. Missed a friend's child's/former student grad party tonight. :-( Didn't realize what time it started and the kids were pretty beat after horse-day. Not to mention Roger was in bed by 7 (party starting time) and I am looking forward to sitting on the couch and trying to stay away enough to read at least one chapter of The Historian. Gee, I remember when I read a book at a sitting. Now I strive for a chapter--a page, a paragraph. Anyone want to be on my team for the reading competition??? :-) More lata.
My apologies for any errors.

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