Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So . . .we are a pretty lucky bunch.

We are coming to terms and working hard with Kath's diagnosis and issues. She has PT twice a week and speech once a week. She is repsonding well. Crawling like crazy, very fast! Speech is still very so-so. But she did say ma-ma this week. Yeah!
We see her diagnosis as a good thing, we can work with this. Of course life would be easier without this chapter, but it could be worse and since she is such a little stubborn fighter she will be okay. More than okay. I found a blog tonight-Cerebral Palsy Baby and found its earlier entries to be helpful and guiding. Emailed the writer to just see if she could sum up and give me more . . .connection? I don't know.

Alex has bee magnificent. She is a strong youg lady who helps and doesn't feelangry by helping. We try to make sure we giver her one-on-one time as well.

Chris is back at school and trying to deal with dorm issues. grr to girls who hurt my boys.

Nick is home for spring break. Did I say home? He is in town. Good thing I drove him home because that is the most I have seen of him! :-)

That brings me to Roger. He flipped his car two weeks ago on his way home during a snowstorm, after I called wondering where he was and hearing "Uh-oh, hold on a sec" and the phone going dead. Six staples to his head later . . . . His car is totaled--ironically we paid it off a month prior and took off the collision in an effort to save money. Ah. He is doing better, but since it came at a time when he just began a second job, taking classes at St Rose and still teaching . . . .he is very behind in his work. Me too since I have been caretaking. Who has time for work?

Hope my students don't take exception . . .:-)

Gotta get back to school work. :-)

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Madelyn said...

Yay, V! You found the time to write!