Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The frog is still kicking

Ok. The frog is still alive. Facing my fears by keeping my friend's son's frog alive while she is in sunny, warm FL and I am still slipping on ice. :-)

Kath had a tough weekend. Woke up tight, was uncomfortable and not very smiley. Her smile is like a bit of sunshine in my day. Without it, I can tell what kind of day I will have, dreary. But then Monday night and Tuesday she perked up and began to move around more and try to do new things again.

Alex is the great big sister that she is. Always looking out for her sister and apparently understanding why her sister is getting more attention right now.

Boys are back at school, sounding good, except for Chris' cold.

I am doing ok.
~ Still wrapping my head around Kath's diagnosis and trying to 'fix' it. ~I haven't looked at school work this break, yet. I will pay for that if I don't start. I fell behind when my world fell apart.
~ I started last night with looking at the bills. Wow. So THAT is why we are getting so many calls! :-) Sorry Daily Things do fall by the wayside when crisis is evident. ~ I am endeavoring to get back on the stick with writing. Two years ago when I became serious about writing-bought the comp started sitting down for the forum . . .Nick ran into the wall and ended up in ICU. Now I am distracted again. But this will be different in the long run and I will need an outlet. Drinking wine doesn't count. :-)

Went to bed late (1:30AM) watching election returns for WI and HA. Then woke up during the night,as usual. Since Rog left already, I woke up. I seem to feel really guilty that he is up and working and I am not. (I better get over that soon so I can take care of things and he can rest!) So, I got up thinking it was 5:30 and I could get things done that I didn't last night. Well, when the real 5:30 showed itself in the corner of my comp I realized I woke up at 4:30. Ah. At least I did some yoga. Watched the light wake up the yard. Cleaned last night's dishes and cooking area, turned on the dishwasher. Switched wash over and put a new one. Washed kitchen floor. Drank too much coffee. Read the forum, wrote a couple of responses. Wrote to Aunt I. Wrote this. Overall, pretty good. Alex is awake and I am off.

Hope the rest of the day is as productive. :-)

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