Friday, February 1, 2008

a new start

Ok, so. My intent is to write everyday. Not just emails. Although now I have updates to do now again. At the end of last year I wrote email updates for when Chris was in Nicaragua to keep everyone informed about his adventures. Two years ago I did the updates after Nick's accident with the wall and his ICU stay. Now I am updating everyone on Kath's progress and her MRI adventures. But I also want to hold myself accountable for my own writing-since it is something I really want to begin to do something with.

So--I write usually after everyone is asleep. I go to the writer's forum and get inspired and see how everyone is doing. I have a great story idea-if I don't say so myself-- and really want it to grow into an actual written story.

My goal is to sit and write as if it were a part time job. Time in, practice, serious focus.

That's all for now--little bites. Kath is laying next to me on the couch while I type kicking me. The sedation meds they gave her yesterday has made her a bit clingy and whiny.


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S. Roff said...

Good for you, that's awesome. That kind of motivation is what really creates a beautiful project--which I'm sure your (novel?) will be.