Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yea, more good!

Yesterday was the pediatric dentist appointment for both girls. Alex was great--as always. Kath started to act up, but she watched her sister then sat in my lap and let the dentist count, scrape and brush her teeth. The grey tooth is still hanging in there, little lose but okay. Alex has two 6 year molars coming in as well as two loose bottom teeth.

Today we met with our new neurologist. (Remember our old one moved to Texas.) Kath had just dozed off when we arrived at the hospital--sad that my kids know hospitals so well, but we are so fortunate that Albany Med has so many great doctors. When we went in to see the doctor, she wanted to be held, so I held her. Then she needed to be measured and weighed. She stood by herself and let the nurse do it. She even held out her arm and let her test her blood pressure! No issues. At all. We usually have to grapple with her! When Dr Powers came into the room she was fantastic, she let the doctor test her, she played while we talked and was just amazing. Dr. Powers was impressed with her and said that cognitively she thought she was great, she could see the physical parts could slow her down, but that she was compensating and doing amazing. She even said that she seemed mature for her age and otherwise age appropriate! It was great.

Tomorrow Roger's sister's family is coming for a couple of days. We are very excited to spend some time with them. Looks like Saturday will be our trip to Long Island. We need another vacation. :D

Happy New Year's all!

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