Sunday, December 27, 2009

Top Stuff

So I don't slam you with catch-up stuff...I will do this in list format

1) In November I participated for the second year with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). The goal is to write a novel (50,000 words) in one month. I reached my goal...kinda. I did hit 50000 words but it was not very good and with a lot of filler and fluff. But I did stay focused for a month (mostly) on writing and on my story. Yea me.

2) Chris got a job. He is moving to NYC next week, most likely sleeping on couches until he finds a place, but very excited to be finally employed. He is working for Amnesty International, their Planned Parenthood department. He will be moving in with his cousin and a friend once they do find a place, they will be apartment shopping this week (he tried last week when he was down for training, but so far the two places he set up to see canceled on him right beforehand--very professional. Considering what it takes for him to get down there, for them to cancel an hour beforehand is really quite rude. He is starting to see a different side to his romanticized view of New Yorkers, I think.)

3) Alex went to a pulmonary doctor at Albany Med Hospital. She has asthma and allergies. We now have an air purifier going in her room. Hoping that now that we are on break...she might recoup and heal. She is still the same amazingly happy and upbeat girl though.

4) Christmas was great. The girls were so excited. We tracked Santa on a NORAD site and got to learn a little about different parts of the world while doing it. They were thrilled when they came downstairs in the morning and Santa left a note; ate the cookies and drank the milk; his reindeer ate the special food (oatmeal with some kind of glitter to sparkle in the moonlight); and they saw the piles of gifts. Some fun gifts were the dolls that look like them and had matching outfits (from Avon--not American Dolls!), assorted games and books and other dolls. The boys got things they requested books, games etc. Roger and I were thrilled with our gifts too, books, the new John Adams movie,music, etc. and with just having everyone home for the day!!! The family gift was a Wii Fit. (Nick gave us his Wii system and we just had to buy the Fit component.) It has been a blast to see everyone doing the activities on it, I'm still trying to figure it out. :D We had a big meal of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, turnips, gravy, green been casserole, corn, and biscuits. Homemade apple pie and cookies for dessert. Then the day after the boys went to visit family on LI and we headed out to MA to spend time with family there. It was great to see everyone but a little bittersweet since it was a year ago that Grand Pepe died, on Christmas Day. We both still miss our grandfathers on the holidays.

5) Kath's transition meeting, officially ending Early Intervention and beginning Special Ed services through the school district was last Monday. Now Kath's therapies will decrease in time to 30 minute increments but increase in frequency. So instead of the 8-9 therapies a week we will now be just about doubling them. We have also started Kath in a ballet class in town after school on Thursday's. So on Thursdays she has school from 9-11:30. She comes home and eats lunch, then we head to dance at 1. Physical therapy was at the same time but that will shift slightly now. We end at 1:45 and we have speech at 2. This girls is loving dance class and being a big girl. Loves her tutu and ballet slippers. For the winter the regular hippotherapy has ended but we obtained a much coveted Saturday opening. Yea!!! That will be after Alex's ballet classes.

6) Last night when I mentioned we were going to take a ride to the craft store to get some things for when the cousins come on Wed...Kath said, "Al stay home. Momma and Kath have time (have Momma and Kath time). Al stay home with dada." Haha.

7) Nick is home and we are loving our time with him home.

8) For the second year we didn't send out cards...yet. I might do something for New Years. So Merry Christmas all. It's not that we don't love's just that with grades due, sick children and assorted other thrown-in issues, time was a struggle and that is what we decided had to give...but we have a great photo!!!:D So maybe I will work on New Year's cards! :D

9) Continuing on with the positive thinking...power of intentions and The Secret. I made a list of things for The Secret...thanking for the items I wanted to happen. Already I've seen a couple of the things come to pass. It is a powerful tool to alter how you perceive things so you can attract the good.... I continue to be thankful and I hope you are all well.

10)I have no 10. :D

Have a great day. Peace. Enjoy. Love.

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