Sunday, February 1, 2009

One Year Anniversary of sorts

It is the one year anniversary of when we received the news that Katharina's MRI showed she survived a massive stroke to the left side of her brain, while in utero. Her brain, instead of being pink and wrinkly is white and flat.

However, if you saw Katharina today when Alex, Kath and I were in the mall and they were licking HUGE lollipops (the kind you see in movies), or when she was feeding herself (and her shirt)ice cream, or when she and Alex were laughing so hard at the balloons they got from Friendly's, while walking the length of the mall, that people stopped to watch and smile, you would never guess so much damage could be done to a little brain and it learn how to compensate so well.

Yes, we have years of therapy in our future. A bunch of Dr appointments in the next month alone. And Kath and I visited Village Preschool, a school for kids who have an assortment of issues, and we will have to decide her path in education in the next couple of months.

But as I keep saying . . .we are ever so fortunate. The oxygen that mysteriously shut off and caused Kath to stroke, just as mysteriously came back on.

And we share our lives with the crazy chick who survived a stroke before she was even born.

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