Monday, February 2, 2009

Darn Groundhog!

So today's writing was going to be funny stories, but I have to begin with something sad for us. I just opened an email from Liz, Kath's PT for hippotherapy and Kath's horse, Mark had to be put to sleep. This is the horse you see in the pictures down the side of this blog that Kath is always riding. Alex started on him too. He was a great friend for us to start hippotherapy with and we will miss him. We haven't been able to do hippotherapy for several months so we missed him before, but it is very sad knowing our old friend will not be there to greet us when we return--hopefully next month.

There is no great way to transition from Mark's passing into funny stories, so I am just going to start a new paragraph.

Alex was telling me how she thought the movie 'Enchanted' was great since at the end the princess marries the prince. I told her--in my mommy-feminist voice--that not everyone had to get married. That one had to choose wisely, that sometimes one THINKS they know what they want, blah, blah, blah. I told her one needed to find someone who loved her with all his heart, made her laugh and worked really hard. She said that, "I would marry daddy, but YOU already did!"

Ah, well, yes, I did.

So, then she said, "I will marry Chris or Nick. They make me laugh a lot."

"Well, you aren't allowed to marry your family members . . ."

"I do NOT think it is right that THEY can tell me who I can marry!"

After a few minutes she decided that she will marry Max, our neighbor across the street who she goes to pre-k with.

We have a mouse or something in the laundry room. We have tried to catch it. Yes, we do have a cat. Roger says all we are really doing is feeding the darn thing with our traps. Well, now it is getting a little too comfortable. I can hear it. This morning I went into the laundry room and through to the garage to put something in the refrig in the garage. Kath, my follower, was right behind me, though she luckily halted at the steps, gently calling, "MAMA!MAMA!" I have no idea where she THOUGHT I might escape to . . . . As I started to close the door I looked down into the bucket we use for Bucca's food (and to hold the door closed)and saw a mouse-ish body. I, of course, was cool, calm and collected. Haha. Can't even type it with a straight face! I screamed and did this weird jump/run dance to the steps and practicaly hopped over poor Kath who couldn't move out of my way fast enough! Eik.

Later I checked and the 'dead' mouse was not there. This explains why Bucca won't eat her food--someone else is. But why on earth my cat won't get this thing is beyond me! Alex simply yells in her blood thristy 4 year-old way, "Moran (name of our cat), come kill the mouse!"


I have grades due tomorrow. See me working on them? So, I decided to get an easy dinner. An already made chicken from the deli department, corn bread, macaroni salad, cranberry sauce and green beans.

"Where does chicken come from?"

Oh great. "What do you mean, Alex?"

"Where does chicken come from? What animal?"

"A chicken."

"You mean that comes from a chicken?? Why do we kill chickens?????"

"Because we like to eat them," I say as I serve the meal.

"Well, they taste good, but that's mean . . .killing a chicken."

"You can be a vegitarian if you like."

"Well, it tastes good . . . "


Same meal, a bit later. She told Rog that he couldn't have the corn bread. It wasn't good for him.

"What are you talking about, Al?" Roger asked.

With her eyes darting from me to him and back to the shrinking corn bread, 'Well, it tastes good and you're eating it all."

So she told him it was bad for him--like bad for his heart so she could have more.

Wicked child.

Where did she learn that?? :-D



Suelle said...

Sorry about Mark the horse, though the rest of your stories were pretty funny! I especially like Alex's cornbread story--I've got to remember to use that!

barb said...

Thanks for the cute stories about who to marry and hippotherapy pictures. I am an OT doing hippotherapy and am always looking for photos and stories to put on my blog. Please check it out and if you want to add anthing i can put a link back to your site. I love to add new pictures of new activities, but think I ran out of ideas.