Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today was beautiful in the AM, rainy in the afternoon. But a good day for me.

Kath had PT this AM with Sue and she had to work on going up and then DOWN the stairs. Up is no problem--the going down backwards . . .that is a struggle. She screamed as Sue walked her limbs down the stairs. Then when she got down, she turned around (after a couple of sips from her bottle) and started to climb right back up! Sue asked if she wanted to go back up, she nodded her emphatic yes and Sue reminded her that if she went up, she also need to go down BACKWARDS. She said ok. So up she bounded. She stopped before the top (wet/shampooed rug stopped us from using the top step)and asked for help to turn around. She struggled and cried some, but she worked through it several more times. She was amazing. She also worked on stepping on a sound mat with both feet.I tried to help her lift her right foot onto the sound pads and she was very tight. In the afternoon Roger had to wake her up for speech and OT and he said she did well. I picked Nick up from camp, drove him to the dentist, he needs his wisdom teeth out too! Then he and I had dinner at Houlihans and shopped for new cleats for his frisbee tournament this weekend in MA. It was great spending one-on-one time with him. No interruptions. When we came home Rog and I took Bucca and the girls for a walk.

It was a good day.

Roger said Kath was a devil today, hitting, biting and being a . . .devil. He was very relieved when I came home. I think I just need little breaks so my brain has some recoup time. And of course it is good to be able to focus on the boys for a little bit before they head back to college. I end up feeling guilty because I ask the same questions and seem as though I am not listening, but I am distracted sometimes. I wonder why . . . .:-)

Alex also had dance class today, which she loved!

Still waiting to hear on financial aid stuff for Nick, hopefully when that is set I will be able to sleep. I was up until 2AM, when Roger was just getting up for his route, then up at 5 cleaning pee and poop from Lucy. I went back to sleep at 6:30 and stayed asleep until 8. So, maybe I will sleep good tonight!? We'll see. ;) Long live coffee!!!

More soon!

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