Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I did it! And I'm going to keep doing it!

I challenged myself to writing 50,000 words this November for the 3rd time. I offer the experience of National Novel Writing Month to students (and that means I have to attempt it too!). Each year November is nuts. I did notice by doing this, that I am sick every November for around the first week of the month. Like clockwork. Grades are due, also like clockwork. And assorted other things, like the girls have lives and me being the main organizer and schlepper. So there is religion class, Science Fairs, homework, dance classes, Odyssey of the Minds that I decided to be a co-coach for, and all the other things that are the unplanned parts of our day-to-days. 

But I decided this was my year to make it. And it was. I wrote 50,063 words in one month. I have four stories started and good starts to a couple other writing projects. But I love learning about myself in the process, that is always an adventure. It's like a metaphor for my life--writing, that is. It's chaotic and messy and so much is always going on, but if I sit and meditate about what is going on and pull one string out of the knot of events, I can begin to disentangle and make sense. That's a messy metaphor...I will probably come back to this in another blog.

So, after that I began the crafty stuff. I'm working to finish a blanket I promised Alex a few years ago. I made 5 scarves. One for a student, one for the girls' dance teacher, one each for the girls' teachers and one for one of Kath's aide. But I will be working on one for another aide this week (as well as for Nano winners)...I always try to make sure some of my presents are home made, it feels more Christmas-y? :)

So the idea came to me while I was trying write this month to write stories for the girls. What a great idea but now I'm into it. Blankets and scarves to crochet. Backlog of papers to grade from spending the last month writing and not grading. And now I am working on writing/editing stories for the girls...

Although I didn't finish the stories I did get at least Kath's tidy enough to be able to read aloud at Christmas. And one of the best reviews of it came from Kath who did not move while I read it aloud off the boring black and white screen of the computer and who has referenced it for the past few days...."just like in your story...."

And so now...during this week of break from school...I will hope to get more of the stories going and tidy...who knows maybe I can even print a piece here at the end of the week. And hopefully a good Christmas with Kids Blog will be here in a few days. :)


Kath;;;I want to eat that smell...when she smelled TGIF

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