Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lessons Learned from Little Ones

1) Love with your whole heart. Give big hugs that really mean something. That really give the huggee something to hold onto...whether it is your love, hope, forgiveness, whatever reason you are hugging...make it feel like you mean it.

2) Forgive and forget. Not many kids hold a misstep over on someone. They more tend to warily move around and around, but they don't gossip and hold grudges. Usually.

3) Laugh until your belly aches. My daughters both have t-shirts that say this...and it is one of their favorite outfits. They love to laugh, they do it often and we never tell them to be quiet when laughing...ok, almost never.

4) Color. If you haven't done this recently you should buy some Crayola crayons and a big old coloring book and then sit. and. color. It takes your blood pressure down and you actually have great convos with your little one while doing it.

5) Look up at the sky often. And either decide what shape the clouds are or try to create your own constellations.

6) Look down at the ground often. Pick up rocks and notice hard working ants.

7) And truly notice what you see. Pay attention to the little things. To people who take the time to look you in the eye and listen to you. To people who slow their world down to say hello, how are you doing? And then wait for a reply.

8) Golden rule. We teach it. We say it. We need to think before we act...and not just about our actions effect ourselves, but the long range Big Picture.

9) "When I get bigger...." Kath has a million goals. Driving. Visiting me. Having kids. Eating ice cream after breakfast tomorrow. She always has a plan. Always have a plan. Especially those big fluffy plans that some people might try to discourage you from and say they are out of reach and reality.

10) Keep your eyes opened and snuggle. Fight sleep to read a good book, but then dream good dreams.

11) If you want to be a lima bean for Halloween (like Alex does) then you should be one. By all means...dress up as weird vegetables you enjoy.

12) Every day BE what you want to DO. Be happy. Be a teacher. Be motivated. Be caring. Be funny. Be hardworking. Be in the moment. Be loving. Be peaceful. Be you. Do what makes you feel alive. Do what makes you happy. Be and Do.

I'm sure I will have more, but after not posting for awhile, and after having this one in a holding pattern for a will be good to let it go and feel somewhat accomplished this weekend. :)

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