Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day One of My New Challenege

To my family who receive this as an email update you will notice a slight change in my blog focus. Maybe more than slight.

We have so many wonderful, great happenings going on in our lives right now, but we also have a lot of crazy distracting things too. We have our lion's share of illnesses ( Kath's path while learning and growing as a stroke survivor, Nick's journey to recovery with Post Concussive Syndrome, Alex's asthma/respiratory issues, my newly diagnosed neck issues), but we also have so many wonderful, positive events and daily moments. If you check my facebook, I often write them there as short blurbs of good times. However, when I get to writing here, I feel I have to catch everyone up and I seem to start with the obvious BIG and then get tired by the time I get to the good stuff.

I started to write for an online magazine, but they shifted their focus to being less-family and more single-people oriented. NOT my interest AT ALL! :D I am not writing for them anymore. But I am looking into writing for another site geared towards positive thinking/living. That is where I want my focus to be.

Our days are chock full of trying to juggle a family with four kids with very different needs. We both work fulltime, and any one who knows us and the field of teaching knows that it is really a labor of love that is much much more than a full time job. The child care juggle has been stressful as we deal with all the health issues. It has made us truly refocus our energies as a family. And we are grateful that we now have three people to help us take care of the girls when we are helping to take care of other people's children.

Roger and I are both interested in writing. His focus is on writing professionally, although he does have several story ideas. My writing ideas are split. I have a Young Adult story begging to be released, a children's picture book, and a non fiction about moms/dads who deal with children with issues.

My goal is not only keep everyone informed but show you the humor of our lives, the fun stuff. Our lives are joy filled, mostly. Our lives are incredibly messy but there isn't anywhere else we'd rather be than side by side getting enjoying the journey as we live each day. And learning each day more and more of what it is to be a human connected to other humans on this rotating orb.

Have a good day filled with lots of good moments.

"We do not remember days, we remember moments." Cesare Pavese

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