Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year..almost....NEVER POSTED from Dec.

Happy New Year's eve all.

I hope this finds you all well. I did not get to send out Christmas cards, yet again.

Time seems to speed up at the worst times and slows down only occasionally. Only when wrestled to the ground and sat upon.

We have such a whirlwind of things going on, sometimes I wonder how we will accomplish any of our goals, but then I slow down our days, or we are forced to slow down because of sicknesses, and somehow some things get done.

We certainly have had our fill this cold season. I had a horrible cough and when Chris got on my case to head to the doctor and I realized that it had been going on for 6 weeks, I went and was put on antibiotics. I am slowly starting to regain energy. Alex has an ear infection, and the medicine is completed today, doctor is closed today and last night her ear started to hurt again. Kath who usually gets sick and heals quickly has been the one who has had lingering illnesses that make Roger and I take turns taking off from school. The boys have illnesses on and off too.

Other than that we have had a lot going on. Still working on some homemade Christmas gifts. I know, it's after Christmas but homemade stuff takes a looong time, especially when people get sick and those little people want to be held.

We have gotten to see some family, but not everyone, yet. The girls and I took Amtrak down to Penn Station and visited with Chris in NYC. We got to see the Tree in Rockerfeller Center. The girls were a little disappointed since they apparently wanted to see a tree that was bigger than the buildings. Eish. :)It was a great visit though with subways, taxi cabs and great food.

For Christmas we planned a nice quiet family retreat from the world. The girls woke up at 6:30 and I was able to get them to not wake anyone up until about 7. Then the excitement was high! They loved the piles of presents. It was hard to do the prepping and wrapping since Kath has been going through a phase (please let it be a phase) of waking up if I am not in bed and not going back to bed unless I do. So my ability to accomplish any major goals was dramatically cut. But luckily on Christmas Eve Chris was here and when Kath came bounding down the stairs I grabbed her and he finished the wrapping.

We had a very nice slow and relaxing morning that sped up considerable when Roger was napping and his sister from South Carolina said she'd be stopping by for dinner. ....So we scrambled. Basically pushed back the mess and chaos as much as the two hour notice would allow as well as scramble for enough food to feed everyone. We couldn't all eat at one table since our Christmas Village was on our spare, folding table. First ever buffet Christmas meal for us. One step away from going out for Chinese, but it was wonderful to have the boys home for a change (darn, wish I got a family picture, but I was a little distracted, and my camera is MIA)and it was nice to have some time with the kids and Mitch and Etienne. And I did end up having more than enough food. Desserts included. Amazing how that happens, how you end up having exactly what you need.

Now we are on break and Roger's been sick. I finally forced him to go to the doctor yesterday and he is now on antibiotics too. He sounds horrible and apparently learned nothing about my being sick since October since he kept saying, "It's getting better..." Yeah, right.

Well, we are more than our illnesses. I guess I just wanted to clarify for family why I am behind in all holiday 'responsibilities.' I am hoping that when Roger is not working the paper job anymore that he will be able to help me keep all the plates going. From checking backpacks, working on homework, making lunches, doctor appointments, after school pick-ups and activities, meals, bill paying, cleaning, organizing and so on. let's get to the good stuff. That was a mini update. Now, how will I look to the New Year.

Every year I have made to boys write letters and they get to keep them to look at the next year. I have never collected these letters, they are private. I do this with my students too. It is a way to reflect and honor the past year and then to look to the new year with hope and goals and dreams. ....TBC

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