Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Just an FYI. I believe I wrote about this awhile ago and since I am too lazy to go back and check--and my comp is soooo slow I don't want to waste my time--let me just say that this message you are getting--if it is in email format . . . I am not sending it to you in an email. I am writing on my blog and I have a clever little mechanism set up so that you receive notification. You may still check out the blog site--the pictures are old--but they are still cute. :-)

I am curious just who is out there receiving the notification and if you are all receiving the blog as an email. Could you take a moment to email me and tell me if you are receiving this email and how it shows up? (vsgaboury@aol.com)

Keep in mind you may directly read the blog at http://vsstuff.blogspot.com.

More later! Happy New Year!

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