Saturday, August 23, 2008

Finally SUN!

Hello everyone.

Things here are going well. We are drying out from all that rain--not as bad as Florida with Tropical Storm Fay, but still flooding here. Roger has been working on a wood shack and playset for the girls. He is making a structure over some of our wood that will also support a climbing wall and ladder for the Climbing Sisters. Next year will be a swingset. Chris helped with it before he went back to school--his senior year!!!

The boys are back in school. We moved Chris in on Sunday. He is training this week to be a dorm leader--that is not the right word, I am blanking out. I brought Nick up on Wed. and he is training to be a delion, he will be a mentor/cheerleader for the freshmen on his floor.

Alex has been getting funnier and wiser. She is very humorous in her approach to viewing life. I will give samples later. :-) Kath has continued to show amazing strength of spririt and heart. She worked on Friday and Saturday with the hippotherapy. She rode Mark on Friday and today she and Alex both rode Cody. Kath also had healing touch and yoga. I see such a great deal going on with her. Alex has even remarked how much more Kath is understanding and following directions. She washes herself, she gets napkins for dinner (she usually only gets one--brings it to the table and then either gets bored or forgets and that is the only napkin for the night, but it's a start!), she gets her sneakers/sandals when we say we have to go bye-bye. She tells us (when asked) if she went to the bathroom. She is still not speaking but she makes herself known-especially if she dislikes what you did or did not do. She continues to push herself physically and we continue to as well with her therapies.

This week she did not have speech since Liz was on vacation, and she became a bit frustarted with Laurie (OT) and Sue (PT) but in totally normal kid-way. It was great to watch, on the one hand, because it was so NORMAL. It was so TYPICAL of her actual age.

Kath was evaluated (did I tell you this already?? Too tired to double check, sorry) by a teacher for the visually impaired. She qualified. The teacher who evalued her said that she could only do a once a month evaluation with her, so Kath will have a special ed teacher once a week. I will also have a social worker who will help me keep everything straight--no pressure Stacy!

We are a little (ok a lot) disappointed that our insurance told Liz (hippotherapy) that they cover the hippotherapy for unlimited visits for 120 days. We will be up to that in the first week of September. After that we will have to pay on our own until the next year starts. So we are going to try to fit in as many days we can before school starts. And then decide what we can do. EBC Therapy is working very hard to keep us going, they love the girls! :-) Who doesn't??

Well, I am off for now. My computer keys are sticking--hmmm, wonder why ALEX! :-) Girl. Good night.

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